Sassy Christmas Cards


Move over Innocent Santa and cute reindeer..There's much more sassy Christmas cards in town!

Make your friends and family laugh with these new meme and humour inspired cards. We have naughty santa, cute puppies and kittens and most importntly - Salt bae.

Check out our Favourites, All cards are available in store now!


For your friend who has been a bit more naughty then nice..






Do you know a serial snapchatter that deserves this card?









The number one card for all the Game Of Thrones fans out there (we all know at least 5)



Love this card! It's nice...Different..Unusual 







Crazy dog lady card that's also available in cats! Because who doesn't love a puppy in a pink sweater?




The perfect card for your hip hop loving friends - whats better then Jesus in Nikes?!




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  • Jackson Lane
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