Top 20 K.K Present Ideas Under $30


Christmas Kris Kringles are some of the most awful gift scenarios on the planet. What usually happens is that you’ll look over your shoulder and watch the person opening your gift lose all trace of a smile, and potentially grimace at the picture frame or letter-set you’ve bought them. Can’t blame you for trying to be neutral, but definitely for being boring. Don’t be the boring guy. Check out these top 20 K.K gifts that’ll leave you the best gift giver of them all…


Women’s Socks - I love my job $19.95

Get kudos for being a keen bean at work with the top part exposed. But you can hide the truth with your shoes covering the bottom part, “Ha ha, just kidding” *holds back tears and laughs maniacally* 


Smart Phone Karaoke $14.95


Women’s Socks - I’m not bossy, I’m the Boss $19.95


Booze Bangle $39.95

Purchaser: “Yes, I’m buying this….. for a …. friend….”


Men’s Socks - This Meeting is Bullshit $22.95


Golf Mug $29.95


Desktop Miniature Golf $24.95

Be one of those big time corporate types like in the movies, only on a much much smaller (economy level) scale with this little desktop version of golf for the office.


Donut Cup Warmer $39.95


Desktop Basketball $24.95 (MDI)

Who Am I Glasses $14.95

Kind of like playing “guess who”. Actually, exactly the same as “guess who” but with a fancy head piece. Worth it…


Kim K Air Freshener $4.95


Kollab Lunch Box $19.95


Drumkit Calculator $22.95

A calculator that has a drum kit sound for each number. Punch in “boobs” and it’ll sound like a Phil Collins masterpiece.

Festive Socks $14.95


Desktop USC Vacuum $22.95

This is the PERFECT gift for your OCD workmate that ironically sucks the life out of you. Make them the happiest person in the world with this mini vacuum (even though they don’t deserve it).


Frank Green Coffee Cup $32.95


Travel Pillow $44.95


As startling as it looks, this travel pillow has actually been carefully designed to ensure you get a great night’s sleep on any flight. Conversely you can put a tablet within and watch a movie and no one would disturb you. But only cause you’d look absolutely terrifying with this thing…


Christmas Button $16.95


Jon Snow Coffee Mug $24.95

This is a coffee cup with Jon Snow on it. Need we say more?

We’ve got a plethora of pressies ready to rock your socks off or keep them on (because we sell nice socks too)! Check out our website for more gift ideas this Christmas or call us for a bit of help. Our savvy and terribly cool staff will be more than happy to help you choose a gift customised to your lucky recipient!




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