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Christmas Gift Ideas

Browse the top Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020! At Homing Instincts we stock a huge range of amazing gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.... Gifts For Her
1. Bath Brew Giant Bath Teabag 
This teabag will make you not want to leave the comfort of your bath! Purchase this today for a lucky friend.  
2. Self-Love Gift Set  
Pamper a woman in your life with our bestselling gift set. It comes with an array of essential oils that can boost anyone’s spirits.  
3. Riva Hair Towel Wrap 
You know that makeup-obsessed friend we all have, well, we found the perfect gift for you: the hair towel wrap. No more hair strands coated in foundation and concealer. Surely, she will love it! 
4. Silk Pillowcase  
Spoil your loved one this Christmas with our silk pillowcase. With it’s smooth and sleek texture, she’ll feel like a celebrity.  
5. Picnic Mat  
This Christmas season, indulge in a little romantic planning and buy your significant other a picnic mat. It’ll add a little flavor to date night, trust us. 
6. Asteroid Burner  
Do you know someone who likes the minimalistic aesthetic? Then they would love our tea light holder that doubles as an essential oil diffuser. 
7. Bestie Soy Candle  
Candles, candles, candles, what can you say about them? You can never go wrong with one. Especially with one of our hand-poured calming soy candles. 
8. Turban Shower Cap  
Water can be a pest, especially when you don’t want to get your hair wet. Buy a turban shower cap for anyone who hates the feeling of wet hair. With its waterproofing lining, it’s the perfect present to keep their hair dry while in the shower. 
9. Tiger Tree Earrings  
Indulge this Chrismas and buy a woman in your life these lovely tiger tree earrings. With many cute and stylish designs, you can find one that matches their personality in no time.  
10. All Jones and Co Pots  
These eccentric pots are the perfect gift to give to any artistic woman. Filled with vibrant colors, these pots can double as an art piece!  
Gifts For Him 
1. Handsome Products  
Say no more to damaged skin; buy handsome products that will keep skin smooth and hydrated. Trust us; your man will thank you!
2. Hunter Lab Products  
Say goodbye to dry skin. Purchase Hunter Lab products, and your loved one will have soft and nourished skin in no time. 
3. Games  
Is your significant other a gamer? Then he will defiantly enjoy the variety of card games we have in stock. 
4. Bedside Pocket  
Does your boyfriend easily lose the TV remote? How about his phone? Now don’t you worry, we have the perfect present for him: the bedside pocket. With this handy contraption losing any object is nonsense. 
5. Tech Kit  
Spoil a man in your life this holiday and buy them a tech kit. This handy dandy organizer can keep your man’s cables, mouse, and even earbuds all sorted and neat. 
6. Screen Glasses  
Help your man out and purchase some screen glasses that way; his eyes are protected from the blue light emissions. 
7. Rocking Whiskey Glasses  
Pamper your loved one this year with some rocking whiskey glasses. This gift will make a great addition, especially at parties and celebrations. 
8. Funny Socks  
Okay, let’s be honest, who can turn down a funny sock? Especially when it’s from you. 
Purchase a pair today, and your man will certainly love it. 
9. True Wireless Earbuds  
Is your loved one a true tech lover? Buy these wireless earbuds today and say goodbye to cord problems forever. 
10. Double Edge Razor 
Indulge this Christmas and purchase a double edge razor for a man in your life. With this metal razor, your man will feel like a celebrity.  
Gifts For Kids  
1. Jellycat Bashful Bunnies  
Spoil your kid with a bashful bunny. With its soft fur and long flopsy ears, it will soon become you’ll child’s favorite cuddle buddy. 
2. Baby Wraps  
Out with the old and in with the new, purchase one of our high-quality baby wraps, and you’ll never go back. With its soft fabric and stretchy fabric, your baby is guaranteed to love it.  
3. Rainbow Stacker  
Is your baby teething? Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution; a rainbow stacker can surely soothe any teething child. In fact, this 2 in 1 toy can also help children learn hand-eye coordination, how neat, right! 
4. Inflatable Speed Boat  
Is your child full of energy? Good, we have the perfect Christmas present for them: an inflatable speed boat. These little toys will lead to long days filled with fun and play. 
5. Bluetooth Pool Speaker  
Indulge this Christmas holiday and purchase a Bluetooth pool speaker. With this cool gadget, your kids can play by poolside while listening to their favorite tunes.  
6. Touchable Bubbles  
What kid doesn’t like bubbles? However, with this toy, these bubbles even stay bubbles when touched, how cool is that!
7. Amusable Avocado  
This soft and cuddly avocado will make the cutest addition to your child’s stuffed animal collection. Trust us; your child will love it. 
8. Baby Blanket  
Pamper your baby this Christmas holiday with a new baby blanket. With its soft fabric and breathable materials, your baby will certainly enjoy it. 
9. Elephant Toy 
This crinkle toy will make any child laugh. Purchase one this Chrismas, and you won’t regret it. 
10. Magic Tricks  
Does your child want to be a magician? This Christmas, make your child’s day and give them a magic trick set filled with dazzling tricks!
1. Rude Cards  
These cards may be crude, but man, do they make you laugh.  
2. Cards For Her 
  Show how much you appreciate your significate other with these cards for her. 
3. Cards For Him 
Yes, he might get on you’re nerves, but you know you love him. These cards say it all. 
4. Funny Cards  
Pick up one of these funny cards today, and everyone will get a kick out of it. 
5. Christmas Cards 
Don’t forget to purchase a few Christmas cards this season that way, all you’re friends can see what you’re up to! 
Kris Kringle Gifts 
1. Donald Trump Toilet Paper  
This funny gift will make even your most polite family members giggle with laughter.  
2. Wireless Shower Speaker 
Surprise a friend or a loved one with this amazing wireless shower speaker. With its sticky suction cup, it can attach to any surface so you can get your jam on! 
3. Prosecco Pong  
Amaze your friends with this prosecco pong game. Everyone will want to play. 
4. Cooked Aussie Game  
Drinking and cards, what’s not to like? This game will certainly bring the party up a notch. 
5. Heat Pillow  
Who can say no to a lavender-scented heat pillow? With it’s beautifully crafted design, this is a great gift to give to anyone you love. 
6. Crystal Diffuser  
With its breathtaking scent, this crystal diffuser is the perfect gift for anyone looking to decorate their home. 
7. Chasing Rainbow Necklace  
Spurge this holiday season and purchase a rainbow necklace for your significant other. She will undoubtedly love it. 
8. Reusable Bottle  
Who doesn’t need a reusable bottle from time to time? This practical gift will certainly beloved for its versatility and efficiency. 
9. Bottle Opener  
Okay, let’s be real, bottle openers can be hard to use. But with this handy dandy bottle opener, you don’t have to do anything; instead, it does all the work for you, neat right! 
10. Margarita Revolution Kit 
Indulge this Chrismas and buy your friends a margarita kit. That way, they can Improve their cocktail skills can you can enjoy a tasty margarita. 
For Your Home 
1. Monkey Lamp  
Spoil yourself this holiday season and purchase a gorgeous monkey lamp for your living or bedroom. It will certainly make a statement and show off your eccentric style. 
2. Turtle Terrarium  
Pamper your favorite plants with a turtle terrarium. Its cuteness will make everyone jealous they don’t have one. 
3. Ice Bucket  
Okay, so no one wants to admit it, but they do come in handy. Purchase an ice bucket for the holiday season that way, no champagne, beer, or tequila gets warm. 
4. Salt and Pepper Set  
Ah, the classic home stable: the salt and pepper shaker. Our set makes a perfect Christmas present for any new homeowners out there. With its minimalist oak design, it’s a modern take on a classic style. 
5. Brass Hand  
Do you know any decorating nerds? Purchase our brass hand to spice up their shelves. They will definitely love it.  
6. Monkey Bowl  
Splurge this holiday and purchase our monkey bowl. It’s the perfect place to place your loose change, keys, even your latest receipts. Besides, it’s darn, so cute! 
7. Set of 4 Plates 
Finding a set of four plates can be challenging, so when you see them, you got to grab them. Any friend or loved one moving into a new home would love these as a gift. 
8. Blur Pot 
Surprise your loved one with our beautifully handcrafted blur pot. Its one-of-kind style will brighten any room in your home.  
9. Jug  
Let’s be honest everyone needs a jug from time to time. This practical gift will be loved for its versatility and efficiency.
10. Recline Vase 
If you know any new homeowners, consider purchasing our gorgeous recline vase. With its handcrafted design, it’s definitely a work of art people will be jealous of.  
Funny Gifts 
1. Donald Trump Toliet Paper  
This intriguing gift will make everyone that comes over to do their business giggle with laughter. 
2. Good Morning Mug  
Give our good morning mug to someone who you know enjoys their sleep; they’ll definitely get a kick out of it. Although the number of people may be higher than usual. After all, people have been getting more sleep than in past years. 
3. Wind up Racing Poos  
This wind up racing poos is one that will tickle your fancy. Give this wild present to someone who has a good sense of humor, and they will definitely enjoy it. 
4. Crap Jokes Toliet Paper 
These jokes aren’t for the faint of heart. You’ll definitely be cracking up. 
5. Father Definition Mug 
Are you looking for the best gift for your dad? Well, we just found it, our father definition mug has it all, some good teasing, some fun puns, and best of all, it’s full of love.  
6. Kim K Air Freshener  
Air fresheners are needed from time to time; however, they can come off as boring. With our Kim k air freshener, you’ll definitely get some laughs out of this funny take on the modern air freshener. 
7. Grow a Smiling Poo  
Poo emoji are cute and funny, so why not grow one and see how large it can become. Buy one as a stocking stuffer, and you’ll see smiles on everyone’s face. 
8. Grow a Boyfriend  
 There’s always one person in a family who never has boyfriend. Purchase this as a prank gift, and you’ll both die laughing.  
9. Fart Button  
Okay, who are we kidding? Farts are funny. So why not purchase a fart button to prank your beloved brother or sister for the holidays. It wouldn’t be Christmas without some family teasing. 
10. Grow Santa  
Surprise your family with Santa himself! With this present, you can watch Santa grow into a jolly man.