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Australiana Gift Ideas! - Homing Instincts

Australiana Gift Ideas!

Mate. MATE. There’s nothing better than getting Straya’n themed paraphernalia for your foreign friends or for that bloke you know who is Aussie as. If you’re after something in this ilk, here’s Homing Instinct’s top gifts that bleed absolute green and gold. Rippah!

 Australian Native Incense Burner Set



Who needs to go ‘walkabout’ for a spiritual revelation when you can do a poor (lazy) man’s version in your own home. This 30 piece set with acacia and Eucalyptus will have you in a state of sheer bliss and tranquility… Aussie style.


Australian Native Bath Soak



Australian Native Treatment Set



Australian Native Scrub and Soak


The model in the photo doesn’t have scabies. In fact, this scrub mix of native white ochre, wattle seed and other local ingredients is sure to make your skin feel amazing (and not diseased)! With two sachets in one packet you can experience a spectrum of Australian botanicals that’ll tantalize the senses and leave your skin totally renewed


Koala Slippers



Flinders Station Tea Towel



Grow a Kangaroo/Koala


Here’s a ridiculous toy that makes no sense to create and yet absolutely delights small (and big) children to the point of wetting themselves. We’re not sure why seeing a bigger version of something is so exciting but the psychological game played by this thing is a must to be inflicted on kids.


Koala Socks



Tram Socks



Roo in a Box


Speaking of psychological games, why not take it to the next level and leave someone in a mental ward after playing with this “jack in the box” kangaroo that pops out after being cranked. Palms always get clammy, a huge sweat bead falls down the participants face as they stare wide-eyed awaiting the horror about to ensue.   


Mini Animal Trivet



Chatter Mate



Melbourne Tram Purse


Go on a tram with this bad boy and it’ll be TRAM-CEPTION. Heck! Why not put your Myki in this thing and scan it to blow the minds of every passenger who’s watching. Plus it comes with fancy sequins, need we say more?


Melbourne Tram Organic Tote Bag



Zoo Portraits Shopping Tote Bag



Melbourne Coffee Snob Tea Towel


You know a city is pretty damn snobby if it turns its nose up at certain coffees. I mean, heck, we don’t have much poverty, systemic injustice or societal issues to turn our noses up at, so we need some sort of target. Here’s a tea towel for that very ‘bougie’ mate of yours who only orders single origin boiled in orphans’ tears.


Melbourne Crumpled City Map



Cooee Kangaroo Tea Towel


Once you get past their dead eyes, this kangaroo towel is actually a great piece that adds some fun to your tea-party without being too extra. Actually it’s a fact that towels like this make tea time more fun. Science.


Indus Koala Gift Set



Mopsy Soup of the Day Print



Melbourne Word by Word Book


As the most livable city in the world, this is a great book that not only celebrates how amazing Melbourne is but is sure to stir some deep feelings in the hearts of Aussies abroad who may have not been home in a while. A book of Melbourne icons that are sure to tug at the heartstrings.  


All the Buildings in Melbourne …that I’ve Drawn so Far


For our full range of Australiana themed gifts, explore our collection page here!

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