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With every occasion, from births to deaths, good lucks to get well’s, there is one constant: greeting cards. No celebration or commiseration is complete without a card. Pre-filled or blank, a card is an introduction to the tone of the gift or event to come – and don’t you dare open your present before reading it! 

Funny Cards

When choosing a funny greeting card, you should consider the receiver’s sense of humour. Is it silly or sarcastic? Illogical or intellectual? From witty photos to amusing illustrations, browse our range to find your favourite form of funny…

Rude Cards

If the person you are buying a card for loves a bit of cheeky or bawdy, blue humour, look no further than our rude card collection. Everything’s in there, from the slightly indelicate to the downright deliciously indecent. Enjoy!

Mean Cards

Fond of the offensive, slurs and swear words? You’ve come to the right @#$%&! place. If you love throwing bold barbs and insults, you’re welcome! Our array of mean greeting cards cover every @#$%&! word under the sun, from A to Z (or more like, C to F).