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Meet the Team - Malinda

Malinda - Hawthorn Store Manager


When did you start with Homing Instincts?

September 2014


What is your favourite things about your job?

The friendly vibe you get when you walk into the store is my favourite thing about this job! Our amazing team and customers really make it a wonderful place to work!


Your favourite product in the store?

The copper trinket plates from Amalfi



The card that best suits you?

Are you Drunk?



If you end up in hell what do you hope satan will say when you arrive at the fiery gates?

Hey gal :)


To what are you addicted?

My top 3 addictions are: Shopping, talking & macaroons


What items are on you at all times?

You will never catch me without my phone, wearing something black or my eyelash extensions


What is your dream travel destination?

Would definitely have to say a big trip around the USA or Europe


What smell do you love?

The smell of mum


What words makes you cringe?

The words 'breath' and 'armpit' make me sick


Pet Peeve?

Unhygienic people, or when someone takes a sip of their drink whilst already having food in their mouth and then continue to chew


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Healthy, Happy Financially Stable, Loving my career and hopefully a mother


Describe your dream home in 3 words

Crisp, Cosy and CLEAN

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