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Meet the Team - Pav



Started working with Homing Instincts: May 2015


Favourite Product in the store?

Scratch Travel Map


Card that best suits you?

'Queen of Fucking Everything'


What is your favourite things about your job?

When people come in completely clueless about what they are after, and leave the store having found something they never knew even existed, that's the most satisfying feeling.


If you end up in hell what do you hope Satan will say when you arrive at the fiery gates?

"Thank god you're here."


To what are you addicted?

That first morning coffee, straightening everything around me (it's somewhat of a problem), love


What items are on you at all times?

Earrings, iPod & a smile


What is your dream travel destination?

JAMAICA mun ;)


What smell do you love?

The smell of coffee in the morning makes my heart sing like nothing else. Also the smell of someone who's wearing perfume and just finished smoking a cigarette, that's nice.


What words makes you cringe?



Pet Peeve?

People who chew loudly with their mouth open.  Once I've heard it, it cannot be unheard.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully I'll have figured out what I want to contribute to the world and set myself up with a solid home.


Describe your dream home in 3 words

Warm, fun and soft (no hard edges! (basically a marshmallow))

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