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Gentlemen's Hardware multi tool gadget

Cool Gadgets, Tools and Tech Gifts for Men

How good are gadgets?

They are multi-purpose and multilateral. They can be mechanical or electrical, or a bit of both, but mostly they are compact, practical and pretty impressive.

When we think of gadgets, we think of famous movies like Ghostbusters, Mission Impossible, Men In Black, Back To The Future, Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as iconic characters like Inspector Gadget and James Bond.

Here at Homing Instincts, we stock a wide range of the latest tech and gadgets for men that are not only useful but make for great gifts too.

So, if you need some cool gadget gift ideas, keep scrolling to see what we recommend…

1. Camping Gadgets

Ah, camping. A classic Aussie holiday on a budget, and a great opportunity for dad to show off his handyman skills.

The best camping gadgets and camp tools aim to make life easier out in the bush or outback.

Whether you’re full-on camping in the middle of nowhere with a hut for a home and a hole for a toilet, or you’re glamping it up in a caravan park with running water and electricity, you’ll always need tools to do certain tasks properly.

Nashville-born and based brand Gentlemen’s Hardware makes stylish but tough tools and camping items for adventures and travels. Their BBQ tool, for example, is perfect for grilling on the go. It can flip a burger, spear a sausage and crack open a cold one in the blink of an eye. With a handle made of timber and utensils made of stainless steel (fork, spatula, basting brush, bottle opener and corkscrew), it’s a durable and easy-to-clean object to add to your camping tool kit.

Other clever camping gadgets of theirs include a camping cutlery set that packs a spoon, knife and fork, and a heavy-duty outback survival tool that has 9 gadgets in 1 (saw, knife blade, Phillips screwdriver and flathead screwdriver, flint rod and flint scraper, bottle opener and corkscrew).

And if you’re interested in a survival pen with scissors and 2 knife blades (you never know when you’ll need to do some emergency tailoring!), IsAlbi’s 4-in-1 tool will do the trick.

Camping tools and gadgets

2. Multi Tools

The multi tool is the man of all tools. It’s a man’s man tool. A manly tool. A tool for men (and tools!), and basically a modern-day Swiss Army knife.

Once again, this is a field in which Gentlemen’s Hardware find themselves leaders in.

They have coaster multi tools which can be used as up to 11 items, including a box opener, a ruler, a divider, a wrench and a wire cutter. They have a 14-in-1 key multi tool with multiple screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a file, a wire stripper, a line cutter, hex keys and more, and their titanium-coated credit card multi tool has a whopping 16 different uses including a bottle opener, spoke key and phone stand.

For those who like to potter in the front and backyard, their sturdy garden multi tool has 7 functions that can snip, saw, trim and weed.

Not to be outdone, IsAlbi’s keychain bar tool with a torch is a 4-in-1 device, and Until have two new handy gadgets by Society Paris – multi tool pliers with 15 features and a bike repair kit for cycling enthusiasts who need practical help and peace of mind when on the go.


3. Tech Accessories

And finally, tech gadgets. We all have tech devices these days and those devices come with accessories and attachments. So, it’s no surprise that we need gizmos for them too.

IS Gift has the most on offer, with everything from pocket organisers, magnetic phone holders and blue light filter glasses, to earbud cleaning kits, extendable phone tripods and tablet stands.

The Bellroy tech kit is a fan favourite. It will keep all of your equipment neat, tidy and together without tangles. It has pockets, flaps and elastics to fit everything from headphones and cables to chargers and USB flash drives.

If you’re afraid of losing or separating your AirPods, fear no more. Status Anixety’s shrunken pebble leather cases will keep them safe (and looking schmick!)

Not to be confused with each other, Orbit and Orbitkey have some pretty cool gadgets for your tech too. The Orbit key finder utilises Bluetooth technology to locate your keys. The Orbitkey Nest is essentially a desk items organiser with a built-in wireless charger which is really very handy!

Still proving its worth, Gentlemen’s Hardware has entered the tech accessory arena too, with a 2500mAh capacity portable power bank with lightning and USB connector options.

Accessories and gadgets for tech devices
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