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Our 5 Favourite Fair Dinkum Australian Gift Ideas

How good is Australia? We’re so colourful, multicultural and expansive.

We have bustling capital cities, stunning sandy beaches, rugged mountains, misty forests and bone-dry deserts. Our native plants are unique, and our native animals even more so.

Kangaroo kicks kid over

We also have a great range of Australiana gifts to send overseas to friends and family (or even just to treat yourself to because they’re so damn handy or cute!) 

And I’m not talking about a baggy bucket hat with the national flag on it or one of those cling-on koala bears. I’m talking high-quality games, clothing and accessories, homewares and decor items, skincare products and much much more.

So, need some new Australian souvenir inspo? Still looking for that perfect Aussie-themed gift? Read on, and we’ll tell you why all Aussie gifts should feature the following…

1. Iconic Australian Symbols

What makes our country so distinctive? Firstly, our iconic Australian symbols.

Everything from our architecture and landmarks to our national sports and our modes of transport are easily identifiable.

Oshi has an array of fun Australian gifts and figures. Many are modelled in the shape of recognisable characters from Melbourne, including bookends and doorstops of the Skipping Girl sign, and bottle openers representing players from AFL clubs. And speaking of sport, lifestyle accessory brand Pro & Hop’s range of famous football player car air fresheners are a must-have for AFL fans.

AFL umpire does the worm dance move

If you want some more practical Australia-themed gifts, my2socks’ old Melbourne tram socks are super cute, as is Annabel Trends’ Aussie map Summer scarf.

Dustin Martin car air freshener

2. Aussie Slang

We Aussies sure love our lingo, and we especially enjoy the fact that no one outside of this ripper country can understand it. It’s a source of national pride.

Australian slang text message meme

Therefore, it’s no surprise that we have card games dedicated to these true blue terms and their meanings.

We’ve got Aussie Slang playing cards that are perfect for travellers, expats, or overseas visitors to give them guidance on how to tackle our heaps good native tongue. Each card features an Aussie phrase and its definition so you can test each other (and call them a drongo if they get it wrong!)

There’s also the Cooked Aussies Game, which comes with themes and instructions, and a What Do You Meme? Aussie Edition party game.

You can also get Cheers Mate on a bottle opener and G’Day Mate on a pair of socks.

Aussie slang card game

3. Flora and Fauna

Some of our most popular Australian gift ideas revolve around patterns and prints of the Aussie outback. 

Halcyon Nights has a range of baby rompers, wraps, bibs, hats, blankets and booties with native flora and fauna on them. Popular designs include Fern Gully, Outback Dreamers, Among the Gumtrees and Rainbow Reef.

Continuing the clothing theme is Monster Threads, with colourful raincoats in both kids and adult sizes featuring illustrations of magpies, cockatoos, wombats, possums and more.

Australian pygmy possum meme

Just in time for Christmas is Bristlebrush and La La Land’s collection of Aussie animal ornaments and baubles. You can get cute koalas, kookaburras, galahs, kangaroos, wallabies, emus, dingoes and platypi.

And if you fancy some flora and fauna-themed homewares, we’ve got super cute kangaroo and koala salt & pepper shakers from MDI, coloured koala wine markers from IsAlbi and wildflower and animal timber trivets from ButtonWorks.

La La Land Aussie Christmas baubles gift set

4. Aboriginal Art

Some of the most striking Australian-made gifts you can get are ones that feature Aboriginal art designs.

Annabel Trends is a brand that has championed this ancient art style through its range of ‘Sand Hills’ home, beach and picnic wares, such as inflatable pillows, oven mitts and pot holders.

The drawings represent artist Holly Sanders’ connection to country, symbolising the land and ocean, and the small ‘U’ shaped patterns throughout symbolise people passing on knowledge to their children.

Another company with a strong Indigenous focus is Alperstein Designs. All of their soaps, hand creams, body bars and neck gaiters are packaged in bright, beautiful artworks designed by local artists and art communities. They also come in gift sets!

Alperstein Designs hand cream with Aboriginal art packaging

5. Native Ingredients

Last but not least is a unique Australian gift range because it features ingredients native to our country.

Addition Studio’s bath soaks, body scrubs, clay masks and treatment sets will help you exfoliate, hydrate, detox, replenish and relax, and turn bath day into spa day in an instant!

They feature an array of beneficial Australian essential oils and ingredients, such as native white and pink ochre (to help prevent sun damage), zeolite clay (to draw impurities out of the skin), kunzea and fragonia oils (to treat acne and inflammation), native ground wattleseed (for its antioxidant properties), blue cypress (to clear congestion), macadamia oil (to lock in moisture) and Australian olive oil (to restore suppleness).

Addition Studio native facial ingredients

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