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Jones and Co vases on multiple shop shelves

Which Jones & Co Vase Are You?

A Jones and Co vase is more than just a vessel for an indoor plant or bouquet, and it’s more than just a fun shaped homeware to decorate a room. A Jones and Co vase is a statement piece as well as an indicator of personality and personal taste.

Quirky, colourful and hand crafted, ceramic vase, pot and planter designs range from famous faces to artistic patterns, poses and everything in-between. Much like their owners, no two pieces are the same, so you end up not only with something that is highly functional, but completely original too.

If you haven’t treated yourself or a loved one to something from Jones and Co yet, that’s something you need to rectify. Like, now! And we here at Homing Instincts can help you do just that. We’ll show you how to shop by personality and practicality, matching you up to the vase of your dreams. It can then take pride of place anywhere you prop it in the house, from being a centrepiece on the dining room table or coffee table, to getting some sun in the kitchen window, or brightening up the hall on a sideboard.

So, next time you’re feeding your foliage or looking for a spot to store small trinkets and essentials, do it in style with a specially selected vase from Jones and Co.

Well then, without further ado, read on to discover the all important answer to the all important question you never thought to ask – which Jones and Co vase are you?

Jones & Co Henri Matisse vases

If you love to get your hands dirty in the name of art – pencils, paints, charcoal, gouache, glue etc – our artist inspired Jones and Co face vases are for you!

Henri Matisse was not only a famous French painter, but a draughtsman, sculptor and printmaker too. His Post-Impressionist works were renowned for their vividness and fluid compositions, earning him the title of one of the 20th century’s greatest colourists – and giving prolific Spanish painter Pablo Picasso a run for his money!

Our Henri vase is painted in soft shades of dove grey and mustard and would make the perfect addition to any self-respecting artist’s studio space. Use him to hold your paint brushes or pens, and when you’re not creating, arrange bouquets of dried flowers to poke prettily out of the top of his head.

Jones & Co nude vases

If you live by the mantra “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” it’s about time you got your hot little hands on one of Jones and Co’s more voluptuous vases!

From full body reclining and posing nudes, to single body part shaped pottery pieces of breasts and bottoms, we have an array of pert planters to tickle your fancy. All look great either left empty or with flora inside.

Our cheeky buns planter would make for the perfect pen cup, our boobies vessel could be a bold toothbrush holder, and our relaxing, reclining female figures (in white, pink & linen painted colours) are easily stylish shelf ornaments or bookshelf buddies (i.e. one at each end to make a bookend set). And tall and curvaceous in crisp bone china, our hand-carved posture planter and bud vase in black screams table or mantel centrepiece.

Jones and Co Twiggy vase

If ‘style icon’ is a label you long to earn, you’ve come to the right place. Our Jones and Co vases not only celebrate the cheeky, but the chic too, with some of fashion’s biggest names having their likeness imitated in earthenware!

Bursting onto the London social scene in the Swinging 60s, teenage supermodel Lesley Lawson (aka Twiggy) quickly became a British cultural icon. A model of the Mod movement with a pixie cut and bold black doe eye makeup and mascara, she was all about bright colours, mini skirts, babydoll dresses, berets, suits, ties and fishnet tights.

Our Twiggy planter is instantly recognisable with her big blue eyes and a hint of a Pucci print dress. Style her up with a rainbow floral crown of flowers and the look is complete – striking a pottery set pose!

Jones and Co bird vases

If you like nothing more than to beat boredom with a big bout of bird watching, we’ve got just the ruffled feather range for you!

Maybe you take your twitching seriously and travel far and wide to catch a glimpse of a rare bird to add to your book? Or perhaps you just prefer to sit and watch the world of your beaked buddies go by from the comfort of your home or office? Either way, a bird themed piece is the perfect present for you, from you.

Our Mama Bird vase has a soft and sweet face that is painted in pastel pinks, greens and oranges with a white dove carved into the front, whilst our pink Beaky vase has a hilariously comical expression that bird obsessed kids would be sure to fall in love with and dress up with a crest of flowers.

Jones and Co Hippy vase

If you love to live life feeling “groovy baby” and are all about free thoughts, free spirits and freedom, then there’s a flower power piece you need to add to your commune’s collection!

Calling friends dudes and dudettes, wearing flowing dresses (men and women) and growing your head hair and facial hair long (again, men and women), is one way to define yourself as a hippy. Another is just to encourage and enjoy positive vibes only.

Our peace sign shaped Peace Out vase may look like a pretzel to the untrained eye, but upon closer inspection, it’s pretty rad, dudes. Coloured in 70s style harvest gold and dotted with white daisies, it’s the ultimate attention seeking accessory and symbol of harmony you could have in your home.

Still haven’t found your favourite Jones and Co vase? Browse the full range today!
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