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Collection of dozens of Blue Q socks

Funny Phrases for Your Feet Featuring Blue Q Socks

The global sock market (no, that's not a typo) achieved a worth of $49.33 billion in 2022. By 2028, it will have a total worth of $71.57 billion. Everyone knows that socks protect our feet from blisters and keep our toes warm.

But who's to say that socks can't also look cool and badass too? More and more people are choosing unique socks for their individual tastes. They're also selecting funny socks that represent their sense of humour.

There has even been a study that says people who wear colourful and silly socks are more intelligent, creative, and successful. If you're looking for ways to sock it to your boring and ordinary sock wardrobe, look no further than Blue Q Socks.

In this blog, we're putting our most popular Blue Q socks toe-to-toe to find the best and funniest phrases for your feet. Keep reading below for some of the funniest Blue Q socks.

F*ck Off, I'm Gaming

For the gamer in your life, whether they're your husband, brother, or child, these socks tell it like it is. The F*ck Off, I'm Gaming Socks are made of 51% combed cotton, 46% nylon, and 3% spandex made for comfort during marathon gaming sessions. They are available in men's shoe sizes 7-12.

These Blue Q socks feature black, teal, and periwinkle colouring. Don't blame us if you dare to interrupt their game while they're sporting these socks. We warned you.

I Love My A**hole Kids

Being a parent is a real gift, except there's no receipt or exchange policy. With these cheeky I Love My A**hole Kids Blue Q socks, you can tell the world how you really feel. These unique socks are made of 55% nylon, 43% combed cotton, and 2% spandex construction for women's shoe sizes 5-10.

Turquoise, dark blue, yellow, pink, purple, green, and red colours complement a swirled floral motif with the affirming text in dark blue.

Go Away, I'm Introverting

If this world gets to be too much for you, you could be a part of the 56.8% of the global population that skews towards introversion. Or you could just be a jerk. We're not judging.

Either way, the Go Away, I'm Introverting Socks from Blue Q Socks are the ones for you. These pink and black socks with hints of white and orange colouring tell it like it is. They are made of 53% combed cotton, 44% nylon, and 3% spandex in women's sizes 5-10.

You Crafty B*tch

The You Crafty B*tch Blue Q socks are a great gift for yourself or another crafty b*tch in your life. They feature an outline of a woman busy at work behind a sewing machine, likely creating their next crafting masterpiece.

Tan-coloured socks feature magenta, orange, dark blue, sky blue, and teal accents. Made from 50% combed cotton, 48% nylon, and 2% spandex. Built to fit women's shoe sizes 5-10 for extra comfort.

I'm a Delicate F*cking Flower

Yeah, you're a beautiful flower, but you also have thorns and are not to be trifled with. These I'm a Delicate F*cking Flower Blue Q socks come with fair warning. A bold floral pattern of yellow, turquoise, green, magenta, and mint accents showcase sprouting flowers against a dark blue background.

These fierce and funny socks are made of 53% nylon, 45% combed cotton, and 2% spandex materials. They will fit women's shoe sizes 5-10 comfortably and stylishly.

Close up of two sets of legs wearing Blue Q socks

Get Shit Done... Later

Ah, tomorrow. A day where all your current motivations and productivity levels are stored, waiting to become today. But then when tomorrow becomes today, all of the things you said you'd get done suddenly look more attractive and achievable tomorrow...

Don't worry, we get it. It's not procrastinating its strategising, because when you wait to get things done, they'll be done better because you'll be older, and therefore, wiser. So, whilst you are, y'know waiting, get yourself a pair of these sized 7-12 Get Shit Done... Later socks. Coloured solid black with white speech bubbles that say "I am going to get shit done. Later", they're made with 56% combed cotton, 41% nylon and 3% spandex for stretch. 

This Meeting Is Bullsh*t

Adulting is hard and you often find yourself stuck in a meeting that just won't end. These tongue-in-cheek Blue Q socks aren't afraid to say This Meeting Is Bullsh*t while still looking fashionable AF. The best part of all is that the sock text sits just high enough on your leg, so only you'll know the secret.

Shades of green with black and white colour accents mimic ordinary dress socks on 71% combed cotton, 27% nylon, and 2% spandex. These fit men's shoe sizes 7-12.

Cute But Psycho, But Cute

Channel your inner Wednesday Addams with these Blue Q socks. These pink and green women's socks are made to fit sizes 5-10. They feature a young girl with black hair that resembles Wednesday herself, playing outside with a black crow.

The Cute But Psycho socks remind you that being normal is overrated and cute things come in psycho packaging. These unique socks are made from 56% combed cotton, 42% nylon, and 2% spandex.

One More Episode

Love a good binge? And by binge we mean TV show or movie marathon binge, not a junk food binge (although, the two tend to go nicely together). And when an episode finishes on a cliff-hanger, well, you've got no choice but to continue on!

If so, you have to get a pair of Blue Q One More Episode socks. They're a pale blue colour, with red and blue stripes at the top and swirls on the inside, as well as bright blue on the toes and heel. The illustration is of a cute little cartoon figure sitting on a couch or lying in bed with the remote in their hand, outstretched, ready to play the next episode. They're a men's size 7-12 and are made up of 55% combed cotton, 43% nylon and 2% spandex.

These Were A Gift

Remember when socks and jocks were the go-to present? Well, this is your chance to have a little fun with that.

Blue Q's These Were A Gift socks are stripy and bright and obviously, make for a great gift idea. Coming in a women's size, 5-10, they're made of 55% nylon, 43% combed cotton and 2% spandex.

Find More Blue Q Socks and Other Humourous Gift Items at Homing Instincts

Funny socks can help lift your mood and your day. Shopping for humourous and unique socks doesn't need to be a challenge with Blue Q. You can find the funniest Blue Q socks right here online or in one of our 4 stores across Melbourne.

Browse our full line of Blue Q socks and other products on our website today!

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