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How to keep the kids entertained in isolation...Deep breaths, we're here to help! - Homing Instincts

How to keep the kids entertained in isolation...Deep breaths, we're here to help!

It's 4 pm on a Monday. The kids are hungry, you're late for a video-chat call with the boss and your youngest just papier-mached the dog...with toilet paper.

If isolation boredom has well and truly taken over your home, we're here to help. For many, keeping the kids (and ourselves) entertained in isolation has become a perpetual daily quest. 

Whether your children are mini musicians or super scientists, artists, athletes or animal lovers, we have a range of gifts ready to bust them out of their boredom. 

From tech wizards and trivia buffs to pranksters and puzzle prodigies, we've made it OUR daily quest to ensure our shelves are stocked with activities and games for all types of children. See below for our top products to keep the kids entertained in isolation!


1. For the mini musicians 

In times of crisis, music brings us together. Whether your mini musicians are singing it out in the shower or performing to your pets, now is the perfect time to kickstart their music career.

For a great way to beat the boredom, our selection of musical games and gadgets will have the kids singing like angels in no time. If not... well, at least everyone will be maintaining their 'social distance' when you take the kids out to exercise. (**Noise-cancelling headphones for parents not included)


                                            Smartphone Karaoke $14.95                                           


       Sing it Back Quiz Game - $19.95



Smartphone Karaoke 2.0 - $24.95  



2. For the super scientists 

As scientists across the world work hard to find a cure, your little ones may be inspired to follow in their footsteps. Or, they may just want to make mini "lava" filled volcanoes erupt. Close enough. 

Whether they're an aspiring physicist, chemist, bioscientist or engineer... or simply enjoy watching things explode, we don't judge! If you want to claim the "fun parent" status, we've got the answer. Simply transform your home into a place of wonder and curiosity with our gifts for budding young scientists and inventors. 


Make Your Own Lava Kit - $19.95     


3-in-1 Crystal Creation Kit - $26.95


Green Power Kit - $24.95



3. For the active adventurers 

A) Are your kids are running laps around you (literally)? 

B) Do you find yourself wondering how to remove the batteries from your energiser bunnies/children? 

C) Are you tempted to fake-quarantine yourself in your bedroom just to get a break? (It's okay, we get it.)

If you answered YES to any or all of the above, we've got your back. Reclaim your sanity and keep your active, adventurous children entertained for hours with these high-energy gifts. 


Beat the Clock: Stopwatch Set - $24.95

Indoor Snowball Fight - $24.95
Top Secret Spy Kit - $24.95


4. For the undiscovered artists 

We're all for supporting the arts, but when the kids are using the last PRECIOUS rolls of toilet paper to papier-mache the dog, there's a problem. Boredom gets to the best of us, but it also encourages us to find new sources of inspiration and new ways to spend our time. Take this opportunity to inspire your child's inner Picasso, Frida Kahlo or Dali with our range of artistic gifts. 

Marbling Paint Kit - $24.95


Puzzle Book: Pirates - $24.95


      Spiral Studio - $24.95



5. For the trivia buffs

Did you know...the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? Or how about the fact that the Cookie Monster's real name is Sid? If you answered yes to either or both of these, then chances are (a) you're living with a young trivia buff, (b) isolation boredom has taken you down some very random Google rabbit holes or (c) you are us, writing this article. 

For those who picked (b) and are living with walking, talking encyclopedias, champion your child's love of general knowledge with one of our many trivia sets. 



 Ridley's Bizarre Facts Quiz



 Ridley's Movie Buff Quiz



 Ridley's General Knowledge Quiz



6. For the puzzle prodigies and problem solvers

PUZZLED about how to fill in the extra hours your children are now spending at home? Wondering what the missing PIECE is in your quest to reclaim some sacred alone time? If things are getting as dire as our pun game, it may be time to invest in a good old fashioned puzzle.

If problem-solving is more your child's style, don't worry. We've stocked our shelves with mazes, optical illusions, logic puzzles, sudoku, IQ tests and more. 

Once you've found the perfect puzzle or problem-solving game, you're all set. Simply, sit back, relax, let the children puzzle it out and pray a piece doesn't go missing in the process!


                      'Sharks' 100 Piece Puzzle - $29.95                       


                                           Tabletop puzzles- $9.95 each

Choose from: IQ Test, Maze Puzzles, Optical Illusion,
Logic Puzzles, Lateral Thinking Puzzles and Sudoku.



Cattuccino Puzzle (1000 pieces) - $44.95



7. For the pranksters 

They say laughter is the best medicine - so set your little pranksters free (within legal and social distancing guidelines) with these wacky gifts. For a day of entertainment, your children can start the morning with some practical jokes, put on a magic show after lunch, then throw a few (rubber) burritos before dinner! 

Caution: Ensure to always check your seat for whoopee cushions when sitting down for a live video chat with the boss.

                                            Practical Jokes Kit - S24.95                                   



Throw Throw Burrito Game - $49.95 


Marvellous Magic Tricks - $24.95 



8. For the animal lovers

As pets everywhere wonder why their humans are suddenly around all day every day, people are finding comfort in their furry, scaled or feathery friends. Whether it's cuddling a pet or laughing at yet another funny cat video, animals are continuing to bring joy universally. If your animal-loving child is struggling to find things to do at home, these gifts will bring a smile to their face and hours worth of entertainment.



              Dog Bingo - $34.95                       



'Wild Animals' 100 Piece Puzzle - $29.95


Cats & Kittens Memory Game



9. For the tech wizards

The future is now. It's 2020 and five-year-olds know how to use technology better than we do. While the train to tech-Hogwarts has been cancelled this year due to border closures, there are still plenty of ways to keep your tech-wizards entertained. Engage in a tech-duel with your kids and challenge their smartphone skills with a few rounds of Game of Phones. Once they beat you, 100 love, with their smartphone sorcery, take things old school and show them your skills on a Retro Tabletop Arcade Machine. Good luck. 


 Game of Phones Game - $29.95         


Retro Tabletop Arcade Machine - $79.95


10. Fun for the whole family 

Should you bring back Family Game Night?

A: Yes.

B: Yes.

C: Heck yes.

D. Don't know the answer? Pick C.

If you picked A, B, C or D, then lock it in Eddie with a fun-filled game the whole family can enjoy. For added fun, call up the cousins, grandparents or neighbours for a video chat and take your game night to the next level. Whether you play a classic game of charades or a hilarious few rounds of 'Watch Ya Mouth', these games will provide hours of fun and entertainment. 


                     Ding It Game - $29.95                                   



Watch Ya Mouth - $39.95


Party Compendium - $29.95
Includes Sing it Back, Charades,
Guess What and The Name Game


Still searching for that perfect boredom buster gift? CLICK HERE to browse our full range of 'Kids Entertainment' products. 

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