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kris kringle gift ideas

Top 20 K.K Present Ideas Under $30

Office Kris Kringle, Family Secret Santa, KK with friends, whatever you want to call it, can be an absolute nightmare. Thankfully we've taken the stress out of it by giving you some ideas that will have your friends and colleagues in stitches. Don’t be boring this Christmas. Check out these top 20 K.K gifts that’ll leave you the best gift giver of them all… 

donald trump toilet paper

President Dump Toilet Paper - $7.95

Turn your toilet seat into the presidential suite with this comical roll of toilet paper, courtesy of Donald Trump's smooching face. A novelty gift that is sure to have you giggling every time you take a dump. Also for the Trump fans - The Trump Bottle Opener


blue q womens socks one more episode 

Women’s Socks - One More Episode $19.95

Netflix and Netflix and Netflix and Netflix and Netflix and Netflix and Netflix and chill.


shower wine holder

Wine Holder for the bath $24.95

The SIPSKI Shower Wine Glass Holder is an ingenious tool created to keep your glass steady in the shower or while you bathe in a relaxing bath. Pairs well with the Test Tube Bath Salts or Bath Brew


aphrodite perfume roller bop women

Bopo Women Aphrodite Perfume Roller $19.95

A crystal infused essential oil blend to cultivate love & abundance in your life. Perfect as a light natural perfume alternative.

For Love & Abundance. Ft. Rose Quartz. Combines the heavenly Ylang Ylang with Grapefruit Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Patchouli and Mandarin Oil. For more Bopo Women check out the whole range here

prosecco pong

Prosecco Pong - $29.95

Entering the celebration scene with a pop and a fizz, it’s the game that’s taken the media by storm. Introducing the glamorous cousin of the classic American college game Beer Pong, we’re partying but with a touch of class. It’s Prosecco Pong by Talking Tables!

stress relief sausage

Stress Relief Sausage $14.95

A super squeezy sausage for improved blood circulation, stress relief and muscle tension! See also the Stress Banana or Stress Boss


produce bags

Produce Bags $14.95

Place loose fruit and vegetables inside these lightweight mesh bags for weighing at the checkout and carrying home. Breathable construction means you can place them straight in the fridge. Or check out our whole range of Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

beard catcher

The Beard Catcher - $24.95

The Beard Catcher' is exactly that. It catchers your beard when trimming it. Stick the 2 suction cups to the mirror and loop the domed apron onto the hooks.

So for all you hipsters and partners or wives of hipsters who dislike hair all over the bathroom sink, this is for you.

Lavatory Mist - Would Shit Here Again - $24.95

4.5 outta 5 stars isn't half bad. In fact, I'd say it's borderline intriguing. See also Poo Timer, Grow a Poo or Vladimir Poo Tin Lavatory Mist


desk nuts nutz stress

Desk Nutz Stress Relief $16.95

Don't let them drive you nuts, grab these nutz for instant stress relief.

  • Stick underneath your desk for easy, convenient and instant stress relief
  • Hang 'em low, and squeeze 'em hard
  • Includes 2 testes for a realistic feel

For bonus points in a non PC workplace, pair these with the Grow Some Balls



Men’s Socks - This Meeting is Bullshit $22.95

The only good thing about this meeting is that it matches your socks.



i'll feed all you fuckers over mit


Blue Q Oven Mit - I'll Feed All You F**ckers - $24.95

It's dinner time when I say it's dinner time! What? Does it look like I have three sets of arms or something?!  


Who Am I Glasses $14.95

Kind of like playing “guess who”. Actually, exactly the same as “guess who” but with a fancy head piece. Worth it…


kollab lunch bag box

Kollab Lunch Box $19.95

A beautifully designed Poly lunch bag that helps cover all the bases in taste! Drink, food & style-wise. Chill & keep it fresh while travelling to & from work, or school with this… Pairs well with the Joseph Joseph Cutlery Set 



keep cup brew cork

Keepcup Brew Cork Coffee Cup $32.95

Okay so technically not under $30 but this is one of our favourite coffee cups, great to drink out of, easy to clean and good for mother earth, winner!


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