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Santa Claus Is Coming! | The Top Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020-Homing Instincts

Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020 | Santa Claus Is Coming!

Ah, Christmas - a time for family, friends, the joy of the spirit, and, let's face it, everyone's favourite part of the holiday: gifts.

Everyone knows the importance of giving awesome Christmas presents to your loved ones. They're a solid way to show how much you care (and ensure that you get pretty cool goodies in return.) That's why we're here to help you pick out some quality goods that are sure to make your loved ones swoon with delight.

Read on to learn some Christmas gift ideas that will really pack a festive tinsel-powered punch!


Gifts for Her

You may have heard the phrase 'happy wife, happy life' before. Well, this is pretty great advice, but it's applicable to women in general, too. When the ladies are happy, life goes much smoother.

That's why you'll want to get some calming, gorgeous presents for the lady in your life this holiday season. Bath items are a must if she loves to chill out and soak in the tub, so why not get her a giant bath teabag to soak herself with? You can top this whole gift package off with a towel wrap or shower cap that she's sure to love.

Not a bath gal? No worries! Silk pillowcases and soy candles are also perfect ways to get a bit of R&R. Basically, help her relax. She'll ♥ you forever!


Gifts for Him

There may also be a gentleman in your life that you want to get a gift for, in which case, we've got the perfect stuff for your Christmas bag. Tech kits, wireless earbuds, and bedside toolkits are perfect for any tech-savvy dude who wants to be prepared for any situation. If you've got a more practical guy in your life, a razor or these hilarious socks will spread some top-tier Christmas cheer.

If you want to tell your man how handsome he is, there are tons of products you can buy with HANDSOME printed on them. It'll really show him what a hottie you think he is. You can also get some rocking whisky glasses for a good time together and some games that you can play while using said glasses.


Gifts for Kids

We aren't going to lie to you- kids are ridiculously easy to please. They don't care about the price tag on a gift because, well, they don't really understand money. You can give them a pack of touchable bubbles and it'll be a literal dream come true. No need for diamonds when it comes to the little ones!

There are some kid gifts that are functional, too, like baby blankets and wraps for cold winter nights. If your little tyke is a bit older, they might also enjoy an inflatable speedboat toy or a pool speaker that they can blast their favourite music during summer. Kids will love whatever you give them, but it's still a plus if you give them something good!



No matter who you're buying a gift for, you'll need an awesome card to go with it. (Yeah, yeah, we know, it sounds like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Get over it. It's true.)

Luckily, we stock tons of wicked cards online and in-store. Rude and funny cards are the perfect way to make your friend or partner have a little giggle, and we stock a volume of Aussie related classics. We have cards for both ladies and gents that express some gorgeous 'ILY' sentiment that are sure to make anyone's heart go swoosh.

If you're going to get really traditional, a classic Christmas card is also a tried-and-true way to go. For parents, grandparents, bosses, and literally anyone in your life, there's no reason not to wish them a very merry Christmas and make them smile.


Kris Kringle

Ah, Kris Kringle- a holiday classic that never goes out of style. If you're going to play a great game with colleagues or coworkers, it's important that you get gifts anyone can use. This means hear pillows, tea diffusers coffee cups, and shower speakers are all good choices. You don't want to get anything objectionable, after all! 

If you're playing with friends or (fun) family members, you can also get a margarita revolution kit or some funny toilet paper. There are so many possibilities!


For Your Home

Who doesn’t like a little something to display in their home? Resin bowls, coffee cups, pots, cases, and turtle terrariums (the all-time greatest must-have) are all great ways to spice up someone's summer. 

These gifts are especially perfect if you're shopping for someone who's moving. People in transitional stages of their life honestly need household objects. You'll be doing the Lord's work. 


Funny Gifts

Look. We're going to get real with you. No matter how old you get, toilet jokes are always funny. Poop, farting, the works- literally funny until the day that you die. 

You can deny it, but you know deep down that we're right. Hell, you probably still love Captain Underpants. We all do. So why repress your true feelings?

Wind-up racing poos are perfect for people of pretty much any age, as are fart buttons, grow-a-smiling-poo sets, and literal toilet paper that has potty jokes (or Donald Trump's crappy face) printed on it. If you're really worried about 'manners' or 'decorum' or whatever, you can just get them a Kim Kardashian air freshener to go with all of your poop-inspired gifts. See, there's a simple solution!

If you really think a potty joke is a bad idea, you can get a grow-a-boyfriend (because the person who doesn't laugh at a good fart clearly needs help finding a boyfriend) or a grow-a-Santa kit (because Christmas).


Get Jinglin' With Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas!

Now that you know some awesome Christmas gift ideas to get the ball rolling, it's time to get cracking! Shop online at Homing Instincts today, to buy all of these great gifts and beyond. In addition to online orders, we also have in-store pick up (no crowds!) and complementary gift wrapping if you want to save a little time (and not end up with jagged and balled-up paper everywhere.) 

Merry Christmas!

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