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Birthday cake with mini firetrucks meme

40 Funny Birthday Memes For Your Family & Friends

Traditional birthday cards are great, but memes can suit all ages and milestones too. Whether nana is turning an age no-one expected her to make, or your bestie is coming of age and now legally able to do fun stuff (even though she's already been doing it for years), birthday memes come in all shapes, sizes and levels of sarcasm.

However, the internet is a vast place, so it can be hard to find quality happy birthday memes and quirky messages amongst the usual cheesy puns, jokes and quotes. You end up endlessly scrolling and getting that awful, relentless, nagging feeling that you're wasting your life in the process. Because you are, really.

That's where we can help.

Our paper wrapping, card writing, gift giving gurus at Homing Instincts have happily, gleefully, wasted their lives gathering some of the greatest birthday memes around. No honestly, it was their pleasure!

So, go on and make your way through our list of the top 40 funny birthday memes below – and be sure to pass the link to others who might be in need of some inspo...



Funny Birthday Memes


Funny Birthday Memes


birthday meme - Medical imaging - Blowing a candle out Pinching it between| your fingers Clapping it betvween your asscheeks


Funny Birthday Memes


Funny Birthday Memes


Funny Birthday Memes


Funny Birthday Memes


Old Happy Birthday Meme





May be a cartoon of balloon and text that says 'Here s to another year of complete disregard for age-appropriate behaviou'


No photo description available.


funny hilarious birthday greetings happy birthday meme


Funny Birthday Memes


Belated Birthday Meme Generator - Piñata Farms - The best meme generator  and meme maker for video & image memes


terrifying clown happy birthday meme in demotivational poster style


happy birthday doggo meme makes little sense but is very funny


15 Funny Birthday Memes and Gifs (But actually funny)






Happy Birthday Meme | Funny Happy Birthday Meme | Happy Birthday Memes


Funny Happy Birthday Memes for *{Guys, Kids, Sister & Husband} Hilarious  Bday Meme


👨 23 Funniest Happy birthday Memes For Him - Birthday Meme


Funny Birthday Memes


No photo description available.



Birthday Memes Guaranteed To Delight | 50 Best


Happy birthday - Meme - MemesHappen


Over 50 of the BEST Happy Birthday Memes - Thrifty Nifty Mommy


52 Funny Birthday Memes That Will Make Anyone Smile on Their Big Day


Over 50 Funny Birthday Memes That Are Sure to Make You Laugh!


16++ Cute Birthday Memes For Him - Factory Memes


You're older! Happy Birthday! - Nelson Muntz Simpson | Happy birthday  brother funny, Birthday brother funny, Birthday meme


Happy Birthday I was promised that I would receive a piece of cake - Milton  from Office Space | Make a Meme


Pin on Happy birthday celebration


20 Funny Happy Birthday Memes for Her - Funny Gallery


Spent too much time trying to find funny birthday meme now it's no longer  your birthday - First World Problems - quickmeme

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