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Fight the Freeze with these Classic Winter Woolies

Fight the Freeze with these Classic Winter Woolies

It’s midwinter here in Melbourne and brrr, it’s a bitch!

Car windows are condensated, windscreen wipers are squeaking, sidewalks are slippery, bare hands are shaking and red noses are sniffling.

But we’re not stupid. We know how to keep warm. We’ve done this all before. Every year consecutively, in fact. However, no matter how much warning we get, when the depths of winter hit, we start whingeing like there’s no tomorrow. Like we’re poms. 

So, wipe the water from your eyes, take those snotty tissues out of your nose and wash those hands you detty pig – it’s time to bust out the proper winter woolies

Australian winter clothing meme
No, not those. The super cool (warm) ones.

Keep reading to get to know the full range below…

1. Beanies

The first thing you need to keep toasty roasty is your noggin. There’s nothing worse than a cold brow, cold scalp and cold ears… nope nope yeah nah. Not fun.

This is why a beanie is your friend.

A beanie works on the head in much the same way a blanket does on the body. It traps heat (it’s OK, it’s completely consensual) and creates a sort of microclimate around your melon. Pretty cool, huh?

But even cooler (for warmth) still, beanies aren’t just practical winter woolies. They can be pretty winter woolies too.

Here at Homing Instincts, our beanies come in many different colours and styles, ranging from knitted or ribbed ones to ones with pom–poms (bloody poms again!). 

Homing Instincts winter beanies

2. Gloves

Another must–have this time of year is a pair of gloves.

Now, I don’t mean your teen years rocking black, ripped, fingerless gloves to look edgy and cool, because we all know that didn’t work (1. you didn’t look cool and 2. the tips of your digits got so cold you thought you were gonna lose them. The things we did for “fashion”).

No, I mean real gloves. I’m talking thick, warm, this is the only way I can open the car door kind of gloves. They work because they’re like insulation, trapping air to retain thermal energy and heat, so there’s no risk of frostbitten fingers for you, hun! Phew.

We need our hands for almost everything, so naturally, we need gloves that are everything and don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Our gloves are made from everything from wool to faux fur to suede and spandex.

So, you can look like anything from a grisly, TV show detective rubbing their fleecy gloved hands together in the snowy midwest (I may or may not be thinking of Fargo), to a sexy socialite, circa the Roaring 20s, gripping the wheel of her classic automobile with her leather gloved hands (I may or may not be thinking of The Great Gatsby).

Homing Instincts winter gloves

3. Scarves

Ok, so our heads and hands are warm, check. Now it’s time to bring out the big guns. One of the ultimate winter woolies. The humble scarf.

Sure, they spend most of the year scrunched up at the back of your chest of drawers, folded and piled up in your linen box or draped over the back of a chair, BUT, when that cold air blows, they come into their own.

Wrapping a scarf around your neck is much needed in winter, as most jumpers and jackets we own don't provide a snug enough fit around that area. You can also mummify your mouth with a scarf and create a perfect little pocket of warm air to breathe in when it’s particularly bitter and bracing outside.

We stock scarves of all varieties, coming in an array of thickness, lengths and designs. We’ve got plaid patterns, dots, checks and block colours, ones with tassels and fringes, others that are reversible or ribbed on the ends. Materials include wool, cotton, acrylic and polyester. 

Homing Instincts winter scarves

4. Slippers

And last but not least, are some cosy slippers. Your collection of winter woolies is really not complete without them.

If you think you’re adorable now, just wait until you shuffle around the house in a pair of pink pom–pom slippers, or fluffy flip–flops with cartoon french bulldog faces, smiling sloths and cute koalas on them. It’ll be an adorable overload!

Wearing well–made slippers in winter can help regulate your body temperature, and if you’re warm all over, you decrease your chances of catching a cold or another cold weather–related illness. Sweet!

For grown ass ladies, we’ve got stylish pairs in small through to large sizes, plus the always popular microwavable heat feet. And for the kids, a new brand to join us, Splosh, has a few of the aforementioned fun, animal face pairs to pick from with super safe, non–slip soles.

Homing Instincts winter slippers
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