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Frida Kahlo gifts on display

Our 5 Favourite Frida Kahlo Gifts for Arty–Farty Friends

If you don’t know who Frida Kahlo is, get out of here. Go on, get! In all seriousness though, if you aren’t familiar with her work you’ll surely be familiar with her face.

Recognised the world over for her bold monobrow, colourful flower crowns and traditional Mexican dress, the late naïve folk and surrealist style 20th–century artist is not only beloved for her art, but for her strength and resilience through what was a mostly emotional and physically painful life.

In recent years, Frida Kahlo has had a resurgence and become a bit of a pop culture icon, with her face and artworks adorning everything from tea towels, t–shirts and cushion covers, to bedding, bags, drink bottles and homewares. Frida Kahlo gifts can be commonplace, but we don’t believe any are as bold or as beautiful as the latest Tribute Artists collection from La La Land.

Featuring illustrations by their in–house artists Lilly Perrott, Murilo Manzini and Laura Ramos, each item has been designed in the style of Kahlo herself and would make the perfect present for an artist lover in your life.

So, keep scrolling to see some of our favourite Frida Kahlo gifts that are new to Homing Instincts in–store and online this month…

1. Pot Planters

Homewares are always popular choices for Frida Kahlo gifts, and nothing is more fitting than pot planters. 

Not just great for holding real or faux flowers and foliage, ceramic vases can also double as pencil and paint brush holders too – so apt for an artist –  and our range includes three different styles.

There’s the rectangular Tribute Artists range, available in small, medium and large. Then there’s the Mexican Folklore themed varieties which showcase elements of interior design, fashion and nature in every illustration, and finally the round Tribute Artists planters.

Frida Kahlo pot planters

2. Serving Plates

If you’re having friends or family around for snacks or a salad lunch, you can’t just bring out any old plate, no siree! You need to bring out a pretty plate, a plate that shows you’ve put effort in. A Frida Kahlo plate.

Again, part of the gorgeous Mexican Folklore series, these bone china, oval serving dishes would be great additions to your kitchenware collection. Use them to offer up fruit and vegetables, biscuits, cakes, scones and slices, or get your multicultural groove on and make them your main meal plates for nachos, tacos, tortillas or enchiladas.

They come in two different quirky and colourful designs. One features Frida Kahlo and a toucan, the other a monkey and Talavera tiles.

A Frida Kahlo serving plate

3. Tote Bag

If you’re after a Frida Kahlo gift idea that is as practical as it is pretty, you can’t go past a humble tote bag.

The front scene is a circular framed portrait of Kahlo in her usual attire with a scarlet macaw perched on her left shoulder, and the back is a solid navy–blue.

Printed on thick cotton complete with zipper and an internal pocket, it’s a stylish companion to work, school, shopping, the gym or on your travels. Because it’s environmentally friendly, they can also be great replacements for plastic grocery bags too.

Frida Kahlo tote bag

4. Painting Kit

Frida Kahlo gifts that are artistic in nature are very on–brand. For the budding creative you know – young or old – the gift of a Kahlo portrait Paint By Numbers kit is pretty cool.

A method originally introduced by Italian Renaissance painter Michelango, paint by numbers is a simple technique whereby you fill in a section of a picture in accordance to the number on it and the corresponding number assigned to a specific paint colour. Once all areas are painted in, the full image / design will be revealed!

The kits include x3 premium brushes, x24 pots of acrylic paint, and a 30cm x 40cm wooden and cotton canvas (plus hanging tools) with the outlined and numbered blank artwork within. 

Frida Kahlo paint by numbers kit

5. 500 Piece Puzzle

For those who like to flex their problem–solving skills every now and again, puzzles are a great way to do it. It doesn’t have to have pieces in the thousands to be a challenge, as an intricate design alone can be enough to keep you hard at it. 

Our 500 piece Frida Kahlo puzzle (with matching printed box) combines all of the characters of previous items. There’s Kahlo herself (naturally) in the centre, and a monkey, a toucan and a macaw, as well as plenty of flowers along the bottom, plants and butterflies in the middle and Mexican Talavera tiles as the top border.

For even more amazing Frida Kahlo gift ideas, check out all of our old and new stock in one of our four Melbourne gift stores today!

Frida Kahlo 500 piece jigsaw puzzle
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