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Unpacking boxes and housewarming gifts

Housewarming Gifts to Posh Up Your New Place

Moving into a new home is a huge step for anyone in your life (including yourself).

Regardless of the reason for moving (parents, siblings, neighbours, a housemate's love of vacuuming in the wee hours of the morning), your friend will be in major need of a housewarming gift to get the house feeling like a home. But what exactly should you give your friend to reign in the new space? 

If you find yourself stuck on the question or in need of unique housewarming gift ideas, you've come to the best place. The finest homewares and gift ideas are listed below. 

Candles, Candles, and More Candles

Few items are more useful than a candle. They're pretty, smell amazing, add light to rooms, and work as a coaster in the direst situations. Gifting your friend a candle after their move will replace any scented soldiers they lost during the move and give them the perfect excuse to make their home smell like their favourite scent year-round. 

If your friend isn't a fan of candles or has too many already (we all have that one friend), consider gifting them a reed diffuser or oil burner. Both gifts will fill your friend's new house with an equally satisfying smell. 

Plants/Flower Pots 

Plants are one of the most practical gifts for new homeowners. They will both liven up the home and bring a touch of nature inside (ideal for anyone with a preference for the great indoors). Keep in mind, there is always the potential for your friend to have more of a brown than a green thumb, but the right pot will ensure your gift's usefulness doesn't die with the greenery. 

There are dozens of uses for cute and reasonably sized pots even after the plant passes, they can hold toothbrushes, soap, pencils and more. Honestly, the options are endless. All your friend needs to do is keep an open mind and pray their creativity is stronger than their ability to keep a plant alive. Otherwise, we've got some faux greenery for that!

Meme about having plants instead of friends


Everyone has a stack of books they'll never read or get rid of. They're the stories that survived your friend's latest move and they will need some help taking up their new space. If your friend has exceptionally terrible taste in bookends, save them the embarrassment and gift them the perfect pair for their shelf. 

The bookends can be decorated with something that symbolizes your friendship or simply showcase their favourite colour. Either way, this housewarming gift will prove itself more than valuable. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even take this opportunity to gift them a matching statue or ceramic figurine to sit beside/on top of the books. Who says their stack of books can't be useless in style? 


Your friend's kitchen is the ideal place for them to showcase their new and improved personality. Help them style their new cooking space with a fun set of salt and pepper shakers for their cabinet or tea towels that perfectly capture their character. Coffee mugs are also a great option for those looking to drink their tea in style.

Looking for a more practical option? Try gifting the new homeowner a fresh set of measuring cups or spoons. Spoons are great. You can pretty much eat anything with a spoon.

#doctor who from Doctor Who

Decorative Bowls 

Everyone needs a bowl in their life. Not the cereal kind, but the "I need a place to keep my keys and various other objects" kind. If your friend did not make their move with a designated key bowl, your search for unique housewarming gifts is over. This is the housewarming gift they need.

Before you begin your search for the best housewarming bowl, it is important to note that the bowl does not have to be plain or look like a traditional soup holder. It can be anything from pelican-shaped to an acorn body with a lid (they exist). Just make sure the bowl is both big enough to hold all your friend's responsibilities (bills and all) and perfect enough to match their aesthetic.

Wall Art 

Help your friend fill all the space on their new walls by gifting them cute wall decorations. It may seem like an impossible task to choose the best art to live in their home, but remember you're well equipped for the decision. The only thing you need to do is find the art that reminds you of them and your friendship/relationship.

You may find this feature in a striking mirror, bright tapestry, or unique wall art. Whatever you choose, know your friend will love this fun housewarming gift as much as they love you. 


Sometimes all your friend needs to settle into their home is a heartfelt card to read in the partially unpacked living room. You can gift the card along with one of the above gifts and a case of wine, or you can choose to let it shine on its own. Just don't let the term "heartfelt" keep you from putting a little bit of humour and surprise inside

Shopping Housewarming Gift Ideas 

Once you've thumbed through the best housewarming gift ideas for the newest homeowner in your life, you'll need to venture into the world (or the world wide web) and purchase it. If you need a place to start your shopping journey, check out Homing Instincts. We are a high-quality gift shop with every homeware item listed above and more. 

Don't believe us, come see for yourself. Visit us at one of our three locations or online to shop our gifts. And remember:

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